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Cosmic Gumbo, named for a line from the Netflix sketch comedy show “I Think You Should Leave,” was created to explore the digital age and its consequences through the lens of a chronically online twenty-something. 

This newsletter lives at the intersection of technology, culture and politics. Cosmic Gumbo will explore how the internet influences its users and the offline world, how entities in power mold and use the digital realm, and how rapidly-advancing technology either causes, exacerbates or helps solve societal issues and inequities.

about abby

I’m a journalist currently based in Brooklyn, New York, but before that, I lived in South Dakota for a year and grew up in Maryland. I’ve been internet savvy since I was young and have always felt like there was a place for me online even if I didn’t fit in elsewhere.

I’ve been a full-time journalist for two years now since graduating with my BA in English from Washington College in 2020. Right now, I report on the legal industry, specifically wage and hour law, for Law360’s Employment Authority newsletter.

I’m experienced in covering a multitude of beats for a variety of different audiences — legal, health, politics, crime, education, protests, motorcycle rallies, and more. You can find my work in Law360, the Washington Blade, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and the Rapid City Journal, among other places.

For more about me or to read more of my work, visit my website.

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